Our Process

At Freeman Automotive Design, LLC we take pride in restoring classic cars to their former glory. Our experienced professionals give each project all the time and attention it deserves. You can rest assured that your most cherished automobiles will be in good hands as our team goes through the process of whatever restoration, fabrication, or refurbishment is required for your car to truly shine. Whether you require a complete restoration or just an inspect and polish job before a show or special outing, Freeman Automotive Design, LLC is your stop to make whatever vehicle fills you with passion dazzle.

Our restoration process has three distinct stages: pre-contract, the actual work of restoration, and our final testing phase:

In the pre-contract phase, our project evaluator will conduct a thorough visual only examination of your car. Next, the project evaluator will provide you with a detailed explanation of the necessary proposed work. If everything sounds good at this point we will present you with a contract to sign authorizing the restoration work to begin and a down payment will need to be submitted.

After this we will commence with a complete dismantling and cataloging; this allows both parties to clearly see any hidden damages so that the restoration process may proceed. Usually this will include stripping your car down to the bare metal. We will then confer with you and let you decide upon any further stipulations once the full scope of the project is known prior to the restoration work being started. We've found that projects run smoothly when the work is divided into phases that allow for us to give you regular updates and establish an ongoing dialogue to ensure your vehicle reaches its full potential.

During the final stage of the restoration process your vehicle will be road tested to make sure everything's working as intended. After a final cleaning and polishing, we will prepare for you a restoration report complete with photos, appraisal, and a suggested future maintenance schedule. Once this is complete we will deliver your revitalized automobile for you to enjoy!

Pricing of your automobile restoration is divided into two basic categories: fixed price work and not-fixed price work:

Fixed pricing refers to the hourly shop rate. The time needed to complete a particular job may or may not be able to be estimated at the onset of the project.

Not fixed pricing refers to those items which require special manufacturing, special ordering or replacements parts, and final assembly of components or the whole. Set pricing for these items are often difficult since many are subject to the current pricing of various suppliers and subcontractors.